View Full Version : All LA Metro What the heck does 'gifted education' in private school actually look like?

Matt Steiner
06-18-2013, 05:51 PM
I tackle 'gifted education' in this week's installment of 'Elementary Schools that Change Lives.'

ESCL Presents - Rethinking Gifted Education at Wise Elementary

I’m curious – what thoughts enter your mind when you think of ‘gifted education’ or ‘gifted students?’

Prior to joining the Launch team a few years ago, my understanding of giftedness was full of negative biases. ‘Gifted’ was a term used by talk-y parents to describe the inflated successes of their children, usually in the domains of reading and writing (i.e. ‘Jeffrey began reading chapter books at 18 months! Our son is PROFOUNDLY gifted.’).

Simultaneously, ‘gifted’ denoted a distinct class of people that was smarter and better than me. I assumed that you were simply born gifted – intelligence was encoded in your DNA – and there was nothing that ordinary folks (i.e. Matt Steiner) could do to join the smarty party.

To finish reading the post, click here (http://launcheducation.com/blog/escl-presents-rethinking-gifted-education-at-wise-elementary/). :)

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