View Full Version : All LA Metro Elementary Schools that Change Lives - Experiential Learning at Seven Arrows Elementary

Matt Steiner
08-14-2013, 03:25 PM
Hello School Board Readers!

These days, you’ll often hear the phrase ‘experiential learning’ lobbed around in discussions about elementary education. Among many of the independent elementary schools in Los Angeles, education has rapidly moved from a didactic, lecture-centered model to one that is rich with hands-on projects and field trips to exciting locales.

In my latest edition of Elementary Schools that Change Lives (ESCL) (http://launcheducation.com/blog/elementary-schools-that-change-lives-a-blog-series/), I hope to define the concept of ‘experiential learning’ by introducing the reader to an independent school that wholly embraces it: Seven Arrows Elementary. More specifically, I will be discussing how the school’s annual Masquerade Festival illustrates the principles of experiential learning and the underlying ethics of the school.

To read more, CLICK HERE (http://launcheducation.com/blog/escl-experiential-learning-through-seven-arrows-masquerade/).


Matt Steiner,
Director, Los Angeles
Launch Education Group