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10-11-2013, 09:21 AM
From L.A. Daily News (http://www.dailynews.com/social-affairs/20131010/harvard-westlake-garage-plan-sets-off-controversy) by Dana Bartholomew:

In its welcome to prospective students, Harvard-Westlake School says it’s hard to make a “small” school “big,” but it’s figured out how to make a “big” school “small.”

Neighbors battling the Studio City school’s plans to erect a massive parking garage and ball field on oak-walnut habitat with a sky bridge over Coldwater Canyon Avenue may disagree.

“The biggest problems with this are safety and the environment,” said Sarah Boyd, of Studio City, who co-founded Save Coldwater Canyon! to oppose the plan. “I think there’s a risk of human life and property, because of this massive engineering project.

“The city now needs to step up, scrutinize very carefully, the safety of the hillside.”

Faced with increasing demands for parking and athletic fields, the Studio City prep school seeks city approval to construct a three-story, 750-car parking garage topped by a synthetic playing field on 5.5 acres of native oaks and walnut trees west of Coldwater.

To connect faculty and others to their cars, Harvard-Westlake has also proposed building a 41-foot high pedestrian bridge — billed as a “gateway” to Studio City — that would stretch 163 feet to its 19-acre campus across the street.

A draft environmental impact report on the Harvard-Westlake Parking Improvement Plan Project was released this week by city planners. A 45-day public comment period officially began Thursday.

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