View Full Version : Westside-Inland Insta-Friends At Private School By Jenny Heitz

11-03-2010, 08:36 AM
One of the toughest things Iíve found regarding my childís school generally (from preschool on up) is making friends with the other parents. I have to face facts: Iím a bit of a malcontent, I barely have time for the friends I do have, and merely having children in the same class does not a meaningful friendship make. It always seemed contrived. Thus, at my kidís public she attended until this year, I had no friends. And I didnít care.

But this has changed direction upon her starting at the Mirman School. The school puts forth a concerted effort to get the parents together, and as resistant as I initially was, Iím glad about it. Recently, I attended a parent party just for her class.

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