View Full Version : All NYC Racial outcry over expulsions at The Spence School

06-04-2014, 11:03 AM
The Spence School expelled a black girl on financial aid days before finally caving to pressure and going after a wealthy white kid who had committed the same infraction — making idle threats against a classmate on Facebook, students told The Post.
Nearly 60 teens from private schools citywide staged a protest Monday in front of the all-girls school on East 91st Street to complain that Spence expelled minority student, a junior from The Bronx, on Thursday.
The school expelled the white classmate, an Upper East Side junior, only after being threatened with a protest, the students said.
The girls were expelled for putting threats on Facebook, saying they’d find the classmate who made up allegations that the two were dealing drugs to students.
The girls did not know the classmate’s identity.