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The Twin Coach
08-08-2010, 07:44 PM
The Sunshine Shack was, quite literally, the first preschool we looked at. We didnít even really know what we were looking for at the time but we knew we liked it right away. We loved the director, Sara, who had the perfect blend of straightforward, traditional intelligence about teaching and a wonderfully heartfelt, progressive, knowledge of the way a child learns and develops. We loved the small, homey feel of the classrooms and the way the childrenís art that was displayed showed real creativity and unique styles rather than the cookie cutter work other schools called ďartĒ. We loved the way lessons were planned based on what the children were interested in learning about, rather than following a rigid set of rules that had nothing to do with the specific little people who populated the classroom.

Most of all, we could see ourselves at The Shack. We felt like we fit in and that our children would learn and thrive and love this place. We left thinking that every other preschool must be as good because how could the first place we stumbled on be so right? We toured a number of other schools and then visited The Sunshine Shack a second time, just to be sure. And we were. We were sure we had found our home.

One of the things that my husband and I wanted most from a preschool, other than that our children would be safe and well-cared for, is that they would develop a love of learning. At The Sunshine Shack their natural curiosity is constantly encouraged and developed. The teachers are so attentive and involved; they have really gotten to know who our children are and for us, being parents of twins, we have been so impressed at the teachersí ability to foster each childís individuality. This past year I have watched our children grow from two babies who clung to me, crying, on those first days into two, maturing children who love school and who delight in sharing with me all of the wondrous things they learn each day. It has truly been a blessing that our family found The Sunshine Shack.


Director: Sara Perets
website: http://www.thesunshineshack.com
phone: 323-466-4381
email: sunshineshack@gmail.com

The Twin Coach
08-29-2010, 07:43 PM
I recently updated this review with an expanded post on my blog, The Twin Coach (http://thetwincoach.blogspot.com/2010/08/preschool-application-process-sunshine.html), including the application process at this preschool. The post begins the same as above, but continues about midway through the page with lots of additional information. To read the post in full, click here (http://thetwincoach.blogspot.com/2010/08/preschool-application-process-sunshine.html).

Hope it's helpful!