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03-16-2017, 10:17 AM

After a bit of research, I've concluded the max SHSAT score is 700, give or take a few points due to calibration. It has widely been (mis)reported that the max is 800. Here is the reasoning.

1. Several parents here have reported that their child scored right around 700, and when they checked the test, no answers were wrong. That in itself is enough.
2. Nowhere does the DOE say what the max scaled score is.
3. It is the test prep companies/tutoring agencies that report a max 800 score. This is likely due to assumptions coming from the SAT and the false information being repeated without being checked.
4. The DOE does say that the final questions can translate to between 10-20 points. The 'math' that the people who assume an 800 score report that the final questions may be worth 50 points each. This is because their base assumption is incorrect. Though their conclusion that as you approach the max number of questions right in each section, each question is weighted more heavily with the last question being worth approximately 20 scaled points.
5. Tests are 'calibrated' and that is why max scores can vary by a few points each year.
6. A percentage of people do ace the SAT and ACT each year. Statistically, it makes sense that this is also possible on the SHSAT.
7. Next year is a new test. But be wary of any assumptions about scores.


The School Boards
The DOE Specialized High School Student Handbook
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03-17-2017, 04:03 AM
This is the best single article I've found on the correlation between Raw and Equivalent scores, though there are many others with bits and pieces of information (everybody is just guessing so take whatever you read with a grain of salt). You can see that, on this interpretation, the curve steepens with the 40th Correct Answer. In this version the theoretical maximum score was 720 and even that is just a well-educated guess, but you can see that it's reasonable to conclude, as the poster above notes, that the theoretical maximum is in the low 700's. For the record, I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH, KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AND AM IN NO WAY PRESENTING THIS AS AN ENDORSEMENT OF THE TEST PREP COMPANY THAT PRODUCED THIS REPORT. I just found it on the web.