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03-09-2018, 09:18 PM
Science Institute (R30S) at Tottenville High School

Hi All,

I was trying to find more info about Tottenville Science Institute, and it seems not that much can be found.

Looking for any kind of info/review. Parents who's kids take/taken this program - could you share, please? Starting from:

does the Institute have its own building like New Dorp Institute?
How safe the school?
How hard is the program? Many homeworks?
What kids do for sport - is it the same activities as general public Tottenville HS?
Bulling? Drugs?

As I said - any kind of information would be very much appreciated. Please, share your likes/dislikes.

03-12-2018, 07:36 AM
Science Institute:
1. The institute does not have its own building. The kids are separated as far as individual classes. Children from honors, classic and science institutes are intermingled in their classes. Lunch and gym are not separate - they are intermingled with all kids.
2. My son has been in Tottenville for 2 years and, like you, I was apprehensive about the safety of the school . It is very safe and he loves his experience there.
3. The program is tough. As a freshman children in the science institute take 2 AP classes (AP World History and AP Bio). There is a lot of work associated with these classes.
4. All Sports and afterschool activities are for everyone at Tottenville. Children in the institute definitely participate in everything, their workload does not hold them back.
5. I have not encountered bullying issues. However, I am sure it is present as in every school, as are drugs etc.