View Full Version : All NYC Did you see the ERB Testing Age Brackets on Aristotle Circle's website?

11-12-2010, 10:54 AM
I was browsing around the ERB prep sites and saw this on Aristotle Circle.

"Many schools tell families that age does not impact ERB scores, as the children are graded against children the same exact age. This statement is not true. Children are graded on a standardized curve with children who are within a three-month age bracket for younger children and a four-month age bracket for older children. While three months may not seem long, most parents would agree that young children show rapid development in short periods of time. It is best to have your child tested at the oldest age in the age bracket, as every point matters."

Age Brackets (Years:Months)
2:6 to 2:8
2:9 to 2:11
3:0 to 3:2
3:3 to 3:5
3:6 to 3:8
3:9 to 3:11
4:0 to 4:2
4:3 to 4:5
4:6 to 4:8
4:9 to 4:11
5:0 to 5:2
5:3 to 5:5
5:6 to 5:8
5:9 to 5:11
6:0 to 6:3
6:4 to 6:7
6:8 to 6:11
7:0 to 7:3

Aristotle Circle actually has a testing calculator on its home page (http://www.aristotlecircle.com/) to find the best test dates for your child. Crazy!