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11-12-2010, 04:08 PM
An excerpt from the blog post (http://www.devstu.org/blogs/2010/11/12/caring-and-community-beyond-the-curriculum) by Lisa Borah-Geller for Developmental Studies Center:
“Dragons are yellow and sometimes they’re blue. They’re a part of [our school*] and we are, too. Dragons protect and some of them fly. [Our school] is a community of people who care. [Our school] is a community of people who care.”

[*The name of the school has been omitted to protect my daughter’s privacy. The school’s mascot is a dragon.]

Making the words true

The first time I heard my kindergarten daughter sing her school song, I thought, “Well, you can’t just sing a song about caring and community and have it be true.” Now I know that at her school, it is.

My five year-old attends an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse public school (http://www.devstu.org/blogs/2010/08/10/the-parents-the-pdf-and-the-official-letter) in the San Francisco Unified School District. I knew the 240-student school had been using the Caring School Community® (http://www.devstu.org/caring-school-community) (CSC) program for several years, but while I expected to see the school using the curriculum, I couldn't have known I would find a staff and students who love and care for my daughter the way an extended family would. As Thanksgiving approaches, we are still getting to know the staff and families, but it's easy to see that the CSC program’s principles have become embedded in the school culture.

The community solves a problem

A few weeks into kindergarten, my daughter developed a bladder infection. As it turned out, she was afraid of the school bathrooms! What if a boy came in? What if someone turned off the lights or the stall door wouldn't open? When I told the principal, the after-school director, and my daughter’s teacher about her fears, they responded immediately with support and ideas.

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