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11-22-2010, 10:50 AM
I admit I spend too much time on the testing sites but saw an interesting Q&A with Dr. Kim Har, director of early childhood education at Aristotle Circle. In the blog post, she answers some of the most common questions about testing young children.

How can we make sure we aren't overdoing it and stressing our child out or putting them in danger of being disqualified by preparing for the ERB?
What one piece of advice do you think is most important in preparing your child to take these tests?
How do you build up a 4-year old's stamina for sitting up to an hour or more for a test?
If I am going to prepare my child for testing, how often can I give her sample questions? How much time should we spend on it each day? Should I stop working with her closer to the test so the material is fresher when she's actually tested?
When I ask my child questions to try to prepare her for the test, she sometimes gives wrong answers on purpose just to be silly. Or she’ll roll her eyes and say, “that’s too easy, Mommy,” and then give me the wrong answer. I’m afraid she’ll do this when she’s actually tested. Any advice?
Our daughter currently speaks 3 languages at home (Japanese, Chinese, and English) with a heavier emphasis on Japanese and Chinese. What challenges and/or accommodations might we expect from the testing process? What is your advice to parents regarding children who speak multiple languages and testing?
You can see all her answers in this link: