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11-30-2010, 12:12 PM
This from Jennifer Woodruff (http://www.aristotlecircle.com/blog/how-ask-right-questions-during-admissions-process), an Aristotle Circle admissions expert:
One of the many things that parents worry about during the school admissions process is asking the right questions – or avoiding asking the wrong questions – during the open house, tour, and parent interview. The admissions process gives the school a chance to know your family and for your family to know the school, and for each side to decide if there is a good fit. Your questions should therefore help you to decide if the school is right for your child and family, and avoid creating a negative impression.

If you have read the school’s materials, taken a tour and listened carefully during the open house, you may genuinely not have any questions during the parent interview. In that case, you can ask a generic question such as “what initiatives is the school working on right now?” or “what qualities do you hope your graduates will have?” Or you can let the AD know that you have done your homework - “we have read your materials and really like XYZ about the school, and we don’t feel that we have any questions at this time” - and let the interview end.

While you are thinking about questions you could ask, keep in mind that a negative impression could be created by the following questions.

read more>> (http://www.aristotlecircle.com/blog/how-ask-right-questions-during-admissions-process)