View Full Version : All NYC Abacus Mom's Top 5 NYC Private School Admissions Trend for 2010

11-30-2010, 11:16 AM
This from Emily Glickman (http://www.abacusmom.com/abacus_mom/2010/11/top-5-private-school-admissions-trends-for-2010.html) of Abacus Mom:
What do Manhattan educational consultants and school advisors do? We speak to people about private schools. In 2010, I talked to hundreds of parents, students, teachers, administrators, and psychologists. Here’s the scoop in private school admissions trends:

1. Competition for top private schools continues to be strong.

2. ERB prep has become a way of life, whether it's a four year old or a high schooler.

3. Changes in the New York City public schools continue to push people who can afford it toward private.

4. Unless it's Saint Ann's, which gets a parent pass thanks to its perceived college admissions clout, many New York parents are turning from more relaxed, developmental teaching philosophies to strongly preferring more skills-based, structured, traditional schools.

5. Kindergarten students seem taller lately.

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