View Full Version : Private Schools Recommendations for private elementary?

08-13-2010, 10:55 AM
I'm starting the search for a great K5 or K8 school. My 4yo is going to do K at his wonderful preschool, and then we'll need a place for 1st in Fall 2011.

Surprised and glad to be finding all sorts of private schools I've never heard of, so I'm glad this site is starting as a resource.

I'll be looking for a school within 25 minutes of 280 & Wolfe (on Sunnyvale/Cupertino border), great atmosphere and values, secular or Jewish, that enables students to learn specific subjects ahead of grade level. Bonus: performing arts program.

If you know of a terrific school I should check out, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

08-13-2010, 11:48 AM
A school that is near and dear to me is Harker School. I had a great experience there - the teachers really nurtured me from the time I first joined the school to when I graduated. They paid attention to my growth and continuously challenged me by moving me to more advanced classes and giving me special projects to work on. I loved the community of students and faculty at Harker.

Granted, it's been a few years since I went to school there, but I know that Harker's only gotten better. Seeing a group of Harker students on a flight to Asia a few months back (so they can further their Asian studies) certainly brought back great memories.