View Full Version : SF Valley-West Laurence School: More Than Meets The Eye

01-30-2011, 10:57 AM
I toured Laurence School (http://laurenceschool.com/) the other week and although it is not geographically the most convenient for us, I have to say I loved it! From the outside, the school looks unimpressive or at least unassuming. But once inside you see why they call it a "Secret Garden of Learning". The school is on 4 acres of land in Van Nuys. They have everything from large outdoor fields for playing sports to a garden where the children grow their own vegetables to communal outdoor eating areas. The 6th grade children who led us on the tour were bright, engaging and well-spoken (and not in a fake, creepy way - really nice kids).

The school does bus students in from both Hancock Park and the Mullholland area so it doesn't HAVE to be out of range if you don't happen to live in the Valley.

I had a great impression of the intelligence and heartfelt connection of the head of school, Laurie Wolke and the teachers who we got to speak briefly to seemed engaged and enthusiastic about teaching (not always the case).

I definitely want to go back and check the school out more, but I had a great first impression. Has anyone else toured this school or do you know anyone who's kids go there? What can you share?

01-30-2011, 01:13 PM
My daughter went to Montessori Shir-Hashirm preschool in Hollywood and there were several parents who chose Lawrence School the year we applied. They seem very happy there!