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02-01-2011, 10:58 PM
Attached are what was presented to the Board of Education tonight (Feb. 1, 2011) regarding transportation plans. The district wants community input and there are various ways of providing feedback.

Transportation Service Plan – Full Implementation 2013-14 (http://sfusd.ggnet.net/cms-assets/documents/14400-39532.february-1-2011-cow.pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (http://sfusd.ggnet.net/cms-assets/documents/14393-740360.faqfeb-1-2011.pdf)
Safe Routes to School (http://sfusd.ggnet.net/cms-assets/documents/14402-517285.busalternativesinfosheet.pdf)
511 School Pool Matching System (http://sfusd.ggnet.net/cms-assets/documents/14403-855818.school-pool-flyer.pdf)
Board Resolution (http://sfusd.ggnet.net/files/transportation-board-resolution.pdf)
Schools losing all transportation in August 2011 (http://sfusd.ggnet.net/cms-assets/documents/14396-299890.schools-losing-in-2011.pdf)
Schools reducing transportation in August 2011 (http://sfusd.ggnet.net/cms-assets/documents/14392-945294.schools-reducing-services-in-august-20)
Schools that will have redesigned services by August 2013 (http://sfusd.ggnet.net/cms-assets/documents/14397-637999.schools-redesigned-by-august-2013.pdf)

02-02-2011, 08:45 AM
Thoughts from Rachel Norton about the latest proposal:
The staff presentation (http://rpnorton.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/february-1-2011-cow.pdf) has lots of detail on which schools will lose what buses when, but by 2012-13 these schools will lose all bus service: Alamo, Argonne, Buena Vista, Cleveland, El Dorado, Glen Park, Hillcrest, Lafayette, McKinley, New Traditions, Ortega, Rosa Parks, Redding, Sheridan, Starr King, Stevenson, E.R. Taylor, Tenderloin, Ulloa, and Visitacion Valley Elementary.

Remaining bus service will be prioritized to allow students living in CTIP1 (low test score) areas access to language programs and K-8 programs. Additionally, schools that are already have robust ridership from CTIP1 (Lakeshore) will be able to keep their buses. Busing to all or most non-SFUSD afterschool programs will be eliminated.

I don’t feel we have much choice but to cut transportation, and I’d rather spend precious dollars on actual programs than moving students around. At the same time, I understand it’s important to preserve access, and I think the staff plan does a nice job of balancing our budget realities with the Board’s priorities. I am most worried about the transition from one system to another — I know there are going to be lots of families who depend on the buses and will be taken by surprise by these cuts.