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02-03-2011, 02:36 PM
This from N.Y. Post (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/sad_race_to_the_bottom_in_brooklyn_9zke8j6WIVY2o1i Kkoy1II) by Andrea Peyser:
Miguel Rios is ready for the big time.

Each morning, the sixth-grader boards a yellow school bus in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and travels three miles and several light years to John Jay HS in tony Park Slope -- a mysterious land populated by moms pushing Phil & Teds jogging strollers and cappuccino-swilling men walking purebred pooches to the organic-food co-op.

A few hours later, he's back on the bus. But in a strange realignment of the city's social order, Miguel sees a portal opening from his nabe into this privileged world, where kids enjoy after-school hip-hop classes, French-immersion programs and weekend ski trips.

Millennium HS, an elite, selective public school -- the kind that exists mainly in Manhattan -- is jumping the river to plunk an outpost inside struggling, mostly minority John Jay, which sits like an island in the center of the Slope. In the fall, the school will move into a building where three smaller schools already dwell. It will give real opportunity to Brooklyn kids, many of them poor people of color.

Call it Stuyvesant East. Or Hunter College HS for the diverse, outer-borough set.

"Yeah, I'd like a chance to go there," said Miguel, 12.

"We need a good school. I welcome it," echoed a high-school boy, John.

o why are these kids alone?

A culture war is smoldering in Brooklyn, aimed at keeping kids like Miguel and John in their places. But this battle isn't being fought by white, liberal Slopers. The struggle to keep kids from perks taken for granted in TriBeCa and the East Side is being waged by the very parents and activists whose children might benefit from a fine place to learn

read more>> (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/sad_race_to_the_bottom_in_brooklyn_9zke8j6WIVY2o1i Kkoy1II)