View Full Version : Hayes Valley-USF Feedback from a current NT parent on New Traditions

08-26-2010, 09:31 AM
When the new SFUSD student placement policy came out, I have to admit I was a bit frustrated that New Traditions would be the assigned school for where we live. It wasn't on the list of schools we were planning to apply to. Fortunately, a New Traditions parent was gracious enough to PM me her feedback on the school and open my eyes on a great little gem. She's allowed me to share some of her comments here:

I am a parent at New Traditions and thought I would reach out to you since NT is now your neighborhood school. It sounds like it is not your first choice...

NT was not my first choice originally but now I feel like I lucked out! (I visited over a dozen schools last year). It's the smallest school in the district and has a very welcoming, active parent community. The three kindergarten teachers are very dedicated and caring. The principal is very competent and the before and after school program (YMCA) have very enthusiastic and caring staff members.

I have been in the field of education for over 17 years. I encourage you to visit NT this fall and see what we have to offer. I completely understand if it's not what you're looking for but wanted to invite you to visit!

I just attended the PTA meeting on Tuesday night and I was super impressed by all the enthusiasm and dedication of so many parents. There are over 15 PTA committees and each of them except one has a committee chair (i.e., greening committee, grant writing committee, auction committee, technology committee, etc.) As a kindergarten parent I am just getting to know the school but I get more and more excited about it each day as I interact more with the parents, principals, and staff. My daughter seems to like the school and is learning a lot already! I'm also so impressed with all the extra classes that are part of the school week (PE teacher, drama teacher, art teacher, music teacher, and library teacher). Also, the after-school classes offered sound great: piano, Spanish, guitar, drama, ceramics, Kids Outdoor Club, etc.