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02-17-2011, 09:37 PM
Crissy Field Center

We are beginning to accept scholarship application for our summer camp. We have $40,000 worth of scholarships to grant to any SFUSD student that receives free or reduced lunch. Here are the different programs and the dates we offer. The program runs from 9:00-4:00 and we can accommodate parents and guardians that require an early drop-off or late pick-up. I have included a copy of our brochure and an English and Chinese version of our scholarship application. Any help you give in spreading the word about our scholarships would be MUCH appreciated.

Grades 1–3
Hey, Sherlock! There are mysteries to be solved in the Presidio this summer. Who lives here, and how do they survive? Use all your sleuthing skills to find out. Listen for the calls of the birds, follow your nose to the eucalyptus forest, and look carefully for the creatures living in the marsh. Learn all about this special place by creating tools like your own marsh model and watercolor plant-identification cards. Pitch in to help keep Crissy Field clean, and celebrate your good deeds with a sandcastle extravaganza on the beach.

Session 1: June 13-June 24 (10 Days) $649
Session 3: July 11–July 22 (10 days) $649

Grades 1–3
Look in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … a seed??? Lots of things fly through the air with the greatest of ease and, in this camp, you’ll learn why and how. Meet live buzzing insects, learn how bats use radar to navigate, and create your own winged costume. Head out to Crissy Field’s historic airfield to hear about the daredevil pilots who set countless records for speed and long-distance flight. Then create your own flying contraption to test out on the old aviation field.

Session 2: June 27–July 8 (9 days) $585
Session 4: July 25–August 5 (10 days) $649

Grades 3–5
Are you crazy about the environment? Are you wild about your national parks? Then become an Enviromaniac! It’s a simple formula: (Hands-on science experiments + your national park) environment = Enviromaniacs2. We will find out if it’s easy being green by making yummy smoothies blended by kid power, compete in a park wide scavenger hunt, create wacky video projects, and conduct madcap science experiments. Enviromaniacs better the world and have a blast doing it!

Session 1: June 13-June 24 (10 Days) $649
Session 3: July 11–July 22 (10 days) $649

Calling all young designers! If you love to build and invent, this camp is for you. Your mission is to design your own sustainable 3-D city and, to do that, you’ll need to know a lot about how things work. Explore animal architecture and try to a weave a nest as good as a humming bird. Build a bridge from recycled materials and test its strength against earthquakes. Harness the sun’s energy to bake cookies (in your very own solar oven), and create your own kid-powered toy to take home.

Session 2: June 27–July 8 (9 days) $585
Session 4: July 25–August 5 (10 days) $649

Grades 4–6
From the infamous cellblocks of Alcatraz to the primeval forests of Muir Woods, there’s an adventure around every corner in the Golden Gate National Parks. You and your fellow rangers-in-training will head out to a different park site every day, learning important wilderness skills along the way. Then pack your bags for a night of sleeping under the stars and eating s’mores during an overnight camping trip in the Presidio. At the closing ceremony, all campers will be sworn in as official Junior Rangers.

Session 1: June 13-June 24 (10 Days) $749
Session 2: June 27–July 8 (9 days) $675
Session 3: July 11–July 22 (10 days) $749
Session 4: July 25–August 5 (10 days) $649 (10 days) $749

COUNSELOR IN TRAINING (C. I .T. ) PROGRAM (Volunteer Opportunity)
Grades 9–12
Are you in or entering high school, but still want to go to camp? Become a Counselor In Training (C.I.T.) for Crissy Field Center’s Summer Camp.
• Gain valuable job skills
• Have fun leading and mentoring children
• Spend your summer in your national park
• Become an environmental leader!

For an application and more information contact the Manager of Children & Family Programs at (415) 561-7765, fax (415) 561-7695, or email summercamps@parksconservancy.org.