View Full Version : Richmond-Presidio My application experience with 150 Parker

08-30-2010, 06:20 PM
I am sharing my experience with the 150 Parker application process. I toured the school under the previous director but think some of this might be helpful to those of you just starting out.

After giving myself a crash course in preschool curriculum I was very interested in touring play based schools, particularly 150 Parker. The little red school house on Parker Street is split up into 2 different buildings with a dynamic play area in between them. Students can go from inside to outside throughout the day. We started in the main house which is also where they hold their pre-K sessions for the oldest students. We then moved to the back house to see the younger classes in their element. It was pouring rain but it didnít stop children from exploring in the mud or being hard at work on art projects. As the tour progressed, I struggled to connect with the other parents on the tour and the director; I was not at ease. I began to realize that if I was not at ease, I was going to have a hard time expecting our child to be at ease there.

While I didnít choose 150 Parker in the end (and I wanted to love it), I have learned from my experience on the tour there: If you connect with other parents and the school director on the tour of any school, you likely will enjoy the school! Also, it is hard to imagine what your child will be like during the preschool years when they literally are just learning to form a sentence so try to keep an open mind as you begin the process.