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    Having survived the preschool admissions process and now embarking on the search for the right elementary school in San Francisco for our daughter, we understand how overwhelming the school application process can be. After all, we all want the best for our little ones. As "researchaholics" who leave no stones unturned, we browsed all over the internet for information that can help us be more informed and better prepared when we start the fall tours. Unfortunately, other than the schools' own websites and listings of basic school data, the internet offered little insight into the nuances of teaching philosophies, culture and academic rigor between schools.

    School tours and meetings with directors / principals aside, the most valuable source of information is actually parents who already have children in the relevant schools or are just going through the process themselves. However, uncovering this gold mine is no simple task. Even if we happen to have a friend or two who can fill us in about a particular school, we wished for a larger sample of parents to draw from for a more complete and balanced picture.

    In order to support parents through their journey of school applications - whether for preschool, elementary school or high school - we created The School Boards, an online network where parents can come together to ask questions, provide answers or offer advice on schools in their community. Not only that, the web site serves as a tool for parents of children in the same school to form a critical mass for exchanging ideas, coordinating activities or implementing initiatives for their school. Our goal for The School Boards is to create a participatory and supportive community around a topic that is near and dear to every parent's heart: our kids' schools. Please check out the site, create an account and speak your mind!

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