This from Aristotle Circle:
There are several types of boarding schools most for children grade 7 -12. Some address specific behavioral and emotional problems and others are top tier college preparatory schools. Before considering a boarding school its important to consider the educational environment you are looking for your child and the budget you have to spend on that education. Families considering therapeutic boarding schools often receive guidance or referrals from a counselor or a psychologist. Those applying to top tier college preparatory schools are more often considering other private day schools as well and doing the comparison shopping on their own. Below are some things about this type of boarding school to be aware of.

Questions to consider when evaluating boarding schools
  • Does this school have a particular academic focus, such as science or humanities?
  • How much does the school emphasize college preparation? What is the student to counselor ratio for college counselors and how early are students encouraged to meet with the college counselor?
  • Does the school have a good selection of Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes?
  • Where do students go after they graduate? Are counselors available to help students make important decisions about classes and post-graduation plans?
  • Can you schedule an overnight tour for your child?
  • If your child has special dietary or access requirements, will the school be able to accommodate them?
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