Greene Hill School is pleased to announce Greene Hill School Day Camp for children 3-8! Weekly sessions from June 20 - July 29, 2011. We are having an information sessions on Tuesday, May 3 and Thursday, May 12 at 3:30 pm. Please RSVP or email if interested in camp to Summercamp@greenehillschool. org.

Greene Hill School Day Camp is a new summer camp located in the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Greene Hill School Day Camp staff is proud to collaborate with many fabulous Brooklyn sports and arts programs to offer a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities. Greene Hill School Day Camp is supervised by Greene Hill

School teachers and daily programs include:
  • gymnastics and circus with Gymstars
  • dance with City Dance
  • theater with Child's Play
  • ceramics with Creative Kids
  • soccer with Coach Magnus
  • yoga with Bija Kid's Yoga
  • chess with New York Chess and Games
  • swimming with Imagine Swimming at LIU (ages 5 to 8; limited spots)
Additionally, older children (ages 6 to 8) can enjoy our Excursion Camp. Each week will focus on NYC boroughs with visits to beaches, parks, and museums!

Location: Greene Hill School, 39 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, NY 11205.
Telephone: 718.230.3608.
Email: Summercamp@greenehi llschool. org
Website: greenehillschool. org
(Information about camp under "programs")
Registration: website

Quick Facts
Greene Hill School Day Camp for kids ages 3 to 8 (Campers must be potty trained)
Excursion Camp for kids ages 6 to 8
Week long sessions: $350 for 1 week, $650 for 2 weeks and $300 for additional weeks. Weeks DO NOT need to be consecutive.
Hours: 9:00 am-3:00 pm (Some excursion and swimming days will have a 4:00 pm pick up.)
8:30 early drop off: no charge
Extended day until 5:30 pm: $125.00 per week

Summer Camp 2011 runs in six, week long sessions from June 20-July 29. Select the weeks you want – weeks do not need to be consecutive.
  • Week 1: June 20 - June 24
  • Week 2: June 27 - July 1
  • Week 3: July 5 - July 8 (Because this is a holiday week, campers may arrange to come in for a single day during another session.)
  • Week 4: July 11 -July 15
  • Week 5: July 18 - July 22
  • Week 6: July 25 - July 29
Day Camp (ages 3 to 8):
Day Campers will participate in two electives a day of arts and physical activity with our incredible partner programs, listed below. Every day campers will play outside. On Fridays the entire camp will go on an NYC adventure. Possible trips include playgrounds with water components, ferry rides and park excursions. Campers will travel by NYC public transportation or private coach bus. Some swim days may end later than regular camp hours but there is no extra charge for these days.

Excursion Camp (ages 6 to 8):
Children ages 6 to 8 will explore the best of New York City's parks, beaches and museums. Each week of Excursion Camp will focus on a different NYC borough! Trips will include visits to places such as Coney Island, Jones Beach, the Statue of Liberty, New York Hall of Science, water parks and much more! Campers will travel by NYC public transportation or private coach bus depending on their destination. Some excursion days may end later than regular camp hours but there is no extra charge for these days.

Our Collaborators

Bija Kid's Yoga
Bija Kids is a children's yoga program based in Brooklyn, NY. Yoga provides children of all ages with invaluable tools that lay the foundation for a healthy, peaceful and happy life. Through yoga children gain increased focus, discipline, a healthy body image, flexibility, strength, and techniques for dealing with stress. Yoga practices also develop self awareness and coping skills while providing a great physical workout in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. Bija Kids' philosophy is based on the idea that all seeds or bija (in Sanskrit) have the ability to flourish with proper care and nurturing. Classes instruct children in physical postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama), and age appropriate meditation techniques in a lively and creative setting. For more information please visit http://www.bijakids .com/about. html

Child's Play
Child's Play NY is a theater program that blends dramatic play and acting training for young people. Children build confidence and exercise their imaginations while learning about the performing arts. In their programs, kids can explore everything from fairy-tales to Shakespeare to musicals; creating characters and living inside of classic stories. Professional performers and teachers lead classes, camps and workshops throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. For more information visit childsplayny. com

City Kid's Dance
City Kids Dance's dance program is a unique educational experience using a dance and movement based curriculum as a tool for creative, physical and cognitive development. CKD's programs are specifically designed using a combination of choreography, drama, music and storytelling to nurture and develop each child's individual talents and creativity. Classes are carefully developed for every age group, with each class having its own individual structure. CKD's classes give children an opportunity to do what comes naturally to them such as mimic the world around them and express themselves through their bodies in a safe and encouraging environment. For more information visit http://www.letsdanc index.html

Creative Kids
The integration of art in a child's development can advance creativity and imagination while refining important motor skills. Clay is an enthralling and tactile medium for children to explore and express their artistic creativity. Students will learn different skills in hand-building pottery. In each class, I introduce a new project or idea, presenting different clay mediums and techniques to make fun, unique projects such as sculptural self-portraits or animal coil pots. The children are invited to use these innovative project ideas as a starting point to create a piece of art that is all their own; clay is the perfect versatile medium for kids to really explore their creative ideas. I encourage the children to share their goals for the day's ceramics project, opening up an important dialogue between the children, their art and myself. For more information please write to rene@creativekidsny

Gymstars and Circus Skills
GYMSTARS: A fun-filled workshop with exciting skills: brightly colored equipment and choreographed movement routines to motivate and challenge your child; all while having TREMENDOUS AMOUNTS OF FUN! The class starts with lively MUSIC & DANCE to warm up for THE OBSTACLE COURSE—arabesque on the beam, back roll down the cheese mat, cartwheel over the rainbow. Our gymnasts are led through an action packed course of colorful, fun and tactile equipment, learning developmental gymnastic skills and sports movements as they master the challenges in their paths.

CIRCUS SKILLS: Learn from Circus Professionals! Juggling (scarves, balls, clubs, rings and monkey juggle), rolla bolla, stilt walking (from six inches to two feet high), plate spinning and spin jammers, rolling globe and tight rope, poi flags and hula hoop tricks,classic clown games and skits, pyramids and magic - We bring the circus to you! We teach the craft of stagemanship! Each class ends with a performance of skills! For more information please visit http://www.gymstars brooklyn. com/Home. html

Imagine Swimming at LIU
Imagine Swimming believes that the water is a place where children should feel at home. When people ask, 'What makes Imagine different?' the answer is simple: It's the Teachers! They are committed to creating classes where kids can feel at ease, where fear turns to joy, and where parents can look on with pride. The mission of Imagine is twofold: to provide complete safety and flawless stroke technique for every swimmer, and to foster the intellectual and emotional growth that only the water can offer. Widely recognized in the swimming community as one of the world's top aquatic educations, Imagine has become a destination for international swimmers eager to pass along their skills as elite instructors. For more information please visithttp:// www.imagineswimm

New York Chess and Games
New York Chess and Game expert instructors, engage, strengthen and challenge "the minds of the future" in unique and effective ways. Your child's play and skill level will significantly increase as they enjoy weekly tournaments, contests,special guests,...and learn Chess Master Secrets! The New York Chess & Games Summer Camp accommodates kids of every skill level. Beginners as well as advanced players will have a fun, rewarding and rich experience. The kids are grouped by age and skill level. Everyone is challenged but no one is overwhelmed. All concepts and strategies are reviewed and reinforced individually and in group format. For more information please visit www.nycandg. com

More than anything else, learning to play soccer will be made fun. Coach Magnus creates a supportive and positive environment that makes the challenges that come to learning to play soccer and achieving other set goals less demanding to attain. Certain drills deal with the mental aspects of the game by building a child's ability to concentrate and focus; other drills deal with the physical aspects of the game by building their motor skills through exercises that enhance their balance and coordination. While these individual developments are important, it is all done in a setting that fosters and strongly emphasizes the concept of teamwork.