We had three children go through Tulane Montessori Children's House. This was a very special school for us and there is not a single thing I would criticize about this school. The teachers have for the most part all been there for a very long time. They are extremely good at what they do. This school understands how to challenge children in a way that is not intimidating. They believe that children at this age have a huge capacity for learning, and they help the children to really explore their full potential. Although some people may think that learning about the human body or the solar system may be too advanced for 3-5 year olds, you would be amazed at how much these children absorb and how much they love learning. The teachers are so loving--across the board. The constantly refresh the classroom materials to make it fun and interesting for each new season/holiday, so the kids are always interested. The classrooms and play-yard are adorable. The throw lots of events for the parents to get to know each other and see what their children are doing. There is a down side--it can be very difficult to get in to this school, although they keep a waiting list and claim to go strictly in order of application date down the list. We applied when we were pregnant with our first, eventually made it in, and then the siblings all get in automatically after that. We think it's a very good value for the tuition.