Writing a blog doesn't necessarily require the writer to share much about themself although many bloggers do. I'm such a private person that it still amazes me that I even have a blog. Beyond The Brochure isn't a confessional blog, so it's not filled with stories about my personal life. But, a few months ago, it occurred to me that some of you might want to know more about the moms on this site who are offering advice about private school admissions and writing about what life is really like at some of these schools.

Don't Forget! Jenny is holding a fabulous Mother's Day giveaway on her modern gift giving blog, Find A Toad. Winner announced on May 4th! You know Jenny has fabulous taste, so click on Find A Toad to enter to win (I won't tell you what the prize is). Hint: The April issue of In Style called the items "so right now."