Emily Glickman of Abacus Mom just announced the launch of Private School Authority, NYC's premier service for private middle school and high school entrance. Founded in partnership with Anthony-James Green, NYC's top ISEE and SSAT tutor, Private School Authority helps students break through the pack.

Here's some info from the website:
To get into an elite private middle school or high school, students need a top academic record and top ISEE or SSAT test scores. Private School Authority takes you step by step through the preparation and application process, multiplying your chances of getting into the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale or Westchester private school of your dreams. (We also help students get into their dream private schools around the country .)
  • Private School Authority's ISEE and SSAT Tutoring is led by Anthony Green, New York City’s most respected ISEE and SSAT tutor. If you want to work with Anthony and learn his exclusive test-taking techniques, you need to sign up with Private School Authority.
  • Anthony's schedule is limited, with prime after-school and weekend slots reserved way in advance. Please book early to ensure you get a time that works for your child.
  • Private School Authority's ISEE and SSAT Blaster Programs and our Jump Start Math, Verbal, and Writing are designed to be the smartest, most convenient, efficient and effective test prep available anywhere.
  • Recommended by parents and students from Horace Mann, Trinity, Riverdale, Dalton, Collegiate, Brearley, and more…
If you go to the website, you can receive a free guide "How to Get Into Selective New York City Private High Schools and Middle Schools".