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    Apply for public kindergarten or first grade for a summer boy?

    We received too young letters this year for our son to the private schools we applied to so he'll be going to pre-K at his current preschool in the fall. In case he doesn't get in to any of the private schools again, should we be applying for public spots for kindergarten or first grade? I'm just worried he'll be so much older if he goes in at the kindergarten level at a public school.

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    As far as I know, SFUSD only has minimum age cut offs, not the other way. That means the decision is really up to you. If you play the numbers game, you probably have better chances getting a more desirable spot entering K than first grade. On the other hand, your son may be much older than his peers. I would talk to your preschool director or even principals at the public schools you're considering to see what they think.

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