From OurTownNY by Josh Rogers:
The Blackboard Awards, now in its 10th year, are Manhattan Media’s way of honoring the outstanding educational work that never seems to get the attention it deserves. Every spring we single out just a few of the city’s great teachers, and this year the Blackboards take on a heightened significance as thousands of our public school teachers face layoffs—including two of our 18 honorees. We certainly hope these cuts to all of our schools can be avoided.

This year we received an unprecedented number of nominations—over 1,000—from parents, students, teachers and principals in the city’s private, religious and public schools.

If there is a common theme for these 18 Blackboard recipients (and probably most outstanding teachers), it is that they are able to form connections with each of his or her students, no matter how large the classroom.

2011 Blackboard Award Winners


Rob Snyder
St. Luke’s School

Theresa Furman
P.S. 87

Rodrigo Alonzo
The Speyer Legacy School

Lindsay Korn
Growing Up Green Charter School

Denise Martinez
Blessed Sacrament School

Linda Adler
P.S. 40

Rasheda Lyons
P.S. 11/Purvis J. Behan Elementary School

Suzanne Mir
Corpus Christi School

Maryann Diglio
Staten Island Academy

Derek Bruun
P.S. 166

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