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    Shuang Wen School Parents Sue DOE

    From DNAinfo.com by Patrick Hedlund:
    A group of parents at a popular bilingual school are suing the Department of Education over claims of discriminatory practices related to "secretive and abusive" investigations into the elementary school.

    Parents and advocates from the Shuang Wen School/PS 184M ó which the DOE is investigating for its paid after-school program and enrollment practices, among other issues ó announced a federal lawsuit against the department and Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott at a press conference Monday outside the agencyís Chambers Street headquarters.

    They charged the DOE with pursuing secretive and racially motivated probes of the school yet failing to inform parents of the basis of these investigations, leading to a "harrowing two to three years of DOE discrimination and racially motivated attacks that have deprived their children of a peaceful and safe environment and the education that they were promised," a statement read.

    The Shuang Wen School is a high-achieving elementary school on Cherry Street that instructs its nearly 700 students in both English and Chinese.

    Parents have complained about what they see as the targeting of Shuang Wen by the DOE, including an investigation into the school's practice of charging students for a non-mandatory after-school program in Mandarin instruction.

    "We believe these investigations are a violation of due process that we are entitled to in this country," said Trinh Eng, a Shuang Wen parent, at the press conference. "Itís an innovative school, itís a one-of-a-kind school that deserves to be promoted, protected."

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    Once again Mr. Hedlund writes an article which is on par with the supermarket rags which proudly proclaim that aliens impregnated teenage girls in the Midwest. If Mr. Hedlund had investigated he would have asked why a Principal had taken $3,500.00 from a parent organization shortly after she became Principal of Shuang Wen. He would have asked how did a Principal falsify a Federal grant by saying that the SWAN teachers were part of the D.O.E. and therefore the afternoon classes were part of the school day. He would have asked why this Principal was not turned over the the D.A.'s office and if the arbitration rules were above a person facing criminal charges, but Mr. Hedlund is not a reporter; he is another sensationalist who just wants his name in the headlines. If Mr. Hedlund bothered to research how the D.O.E. is structured or how a school is run he would have understood that a Principal is a D.O.E. employee and subject to censure and firing by the D.O.E. as with any organization that hires an individual. The D.O.E. has not obligation to parents to hire or fire and employee, or to censure them, but it does have an obligation to obey the law. Mr. Hedlund's most grievous mistake is to believe a group of parents which sued other parents, on the basis of those parents being racist. If he took the time to read the suit he would see that a Chinese parent was named in the suit as aiding and abetting the parents sued, yet her name is not included, this would set off alarm bells in a real reporter. The obvious connection is the word racist which would have lost any strength if people saw the name of a Chinese parent. Oh, and let us not forget Ms. Trinh Eng whom he quotes in his article. Ms. Eng is a person who conspired to try and have one of the defendants arrested after the Principal and her fellow parent cohorts were found to be using a printer who charged $2,000.00 more than a printer which was not in their group. The Principal tried to say that this parent had thrown a chair at someone at a meeting, but when confronted by that parent and School Safety she had to relent her lie. This is a travesty so sad because again this Principal has not been fired but is in P.S. 20 in Manhattan as a Principal Without A School so the question Mr. Hedlund should be asking is how did this woman get to run a school for over 10 years with numerous complaints never investigated until NY1 and the New York Times made the allegations public? We have a hornets nest of lies, deceit, racism and cover ups that needs to be exposed, who is up to it? One more fact, in the charges presented to Ms. Chou over $250,000.00 was taken by her which she was never supposed to receive, ask yourself if you took over $250,000.00 of government money if you would be sitting in a D.O.E. building and receiving a salary?

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