Our daughter recently enrolled in the pre-K program at CCLC - Shores. She had been going to a different preschool which we also had a good experience with, but so far she's really enjoyed her time at CCLC - Shores. Here's what's impressed us so far:

1. The curriculum is very balanced and has some really fun activities that help kids with learning social skills, science, math and reading. We also get a fairly detailed schedule of our daughter's daily activities which is really fun to review with her when she gets home.

2. The facility is very clean and the classrooms seem very similar to what you would find in an elementary school. They have a very nice playground and the building has a secured door that requires a key code for access.

3. The pre-K program offers hot lunch which is a nice change from bringing lunch on a daily basis.

4. They offer a lot of flexibility in schedules. At least 3/5 days a week and half, 2/3 or full day sessions.

5. The classes seem fairly diverse. Our daughter's class seems to have children from many different ethnic backgrounds.

Once again, our daughter only started here recently, but so far the experience has been great. Would be happy to share more details if asked and also to update when she's been attending for a longer period of time.