After listening to Kim Hamer's audio interview with Christina Simon, author of Beyond the Brochure: An Insider's Guide to Private Elementary Schools in Los Angeles, one of Christina's blog readers asked about essay length. Kim Hamer of offers her tips:
How long is too long for the written application is a good question!

Instead of focusing on the length, it’s really about focusing on the content of your private elementary school application. Specific, detailed applications are never too long. As a parent you really want the school to know who your family is and who your child is, right? The problem is talking about your child is usually a parents favorite subject which means, we can drone on and on about our kids, causing a too long application. You’ve met that same person at a party! This person continues to talk and talk and talk while not saying anything of interest and not providing details that you can relate to. Unfortunately, that is how many private school applications read. Here are two ways to help you avoid the droning and over long application.

1. Make Sure You Are Answering The Question And Be Specific.

2. Show The School Who Your Child Is, Don't Tell Them

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