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    Is there a way to prep for the G & Ts? And if we don't get into a G & T, you mentioned dual language programs or art intensives are another option. Do you know of any in Brooklyn that you would recommend?

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    Ok...I'm feeling so overwhelmed with the search for a good J.H.S school for my daughter. I started my search back when she just started the 4th grade. Because I was so confused with it all, I went to visit the guidance counselor. What she said to me was that she couldn't help me now because she gives out info in the 5th grade. Which to me is completely ridiculous. This is NY; where competition is extremely high. One must be prepared in advance, as the game begins as soon as school starts for the 5th grade!!!

    Anyhow, my daughter has been in the Javits program since the 2nd grade and has done well in maintaining mainly 3's on her report card and on the city-wide tests, mid 3's. I believe that if the grading scale was never adjusted this year, she would've gotten 4's on the 4th grade city-wide (which (might I add) I only just received 10/1).

    So with the adjustments, we did not meet the required combination score of 1371 (which I believe kind of knocked us off the playing field for the G&T. She is only 12 points off! What do we do? Does that mean that is the end for us? Is there anything that we can do?

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    I was just looking at the G&T information handbook over the weekend. It was really helpful answering some of my other questions so thought I'd share:


    There are some practice OLSAT questions in the handbook, which I thought was nice.

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