From Aristotle Circle by Rebecca Grappo:
As an educational consultant, I have toured several hundred boarding schools in order to get a feel for the culture and atmosphere that each school offers. My role is to be sure that students find the school that is going to be the “right fit” for them. So what does that mean – “right fit?”

My definition of “right fit” is that the school must offer an academic program that will meet the student’s learning needs. To me, a school that is the right fit academically will help a student to realize that learning is exciting and fun, and puts them on the path to become life-long learners. So just as each child is different and has different needs, so, too, are schools – they are also unique and are designed to meet various kinds of student needs.

However, solid academics alone are not enough to mean that school is the “right fit” for the student. The boarding school should also offer the kinds of enrichment activities that will fuel a student’s passions, or introduce them to something they never would have imagined doing.

Consider the following:
  • Is the culture and value-set of the school compatible with yours?
  • Will your child fit in with the other students at the school?
  • Are there sufficient numbers of boarders to run a top-flight boarding program?
  • What kinds of extra-curricular activities are offered that encourage the development of your child's interests?
  • How does the location of the school address your needs?
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