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    How do I know what preschool philosophy is best fit for my child?

    Although I get that preschools have different philosophies, how do I know whether my child who is not even 2 yet will thrive best in a play-based, Montessori or structured preschool?

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    It can be overwhelming but as you tour schools you will get a sense of what might be a good fit for your family. I remember thinking I would love one type of philosophy but as I looked deeper there were other schools I connected with more. It's hard b/c your child is still growing so much at this age and develolping new skills everyday. I would say to go with the ones that feel most comfortable/appealing to you and that you feel you could partner with for the next few years.

    Preschool is a very special time and as long as you feel comfortable with the school, your child will likely thrive too.

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    Our son is so energetic that we chose a more structured preschool for him hoping that it would help him rein in his energy.My husband also had issues with the idea of just play considering the cost of preschools.

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    I personally believe preschool kids should be playing and using their imagination and creativity as much as possible - that is their work. They shouldn't be too focused on learning academics or restricted to using learning materials in a singular fashion. They'll learn their ABCs and 123s soon enough.

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