On Wednesday, November 9, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz unveiled the Brooklyn Parent Help Guide to Public Education in New York City, a user-friendly resource that puts important information about the New York City Public Schools system at the fingertips of Brooklynites and New Yorkers.

“The purpose of this guide is to provide instant access to both websites and phone numbers at the Department of Education that will help you find your way to the services you need—whether it’s enrollment information, how to transfer, how to find your zoned school, safety of transportation services, or if you need to speak to someone about the many choices of programs available to your child,” said BP Markowitz. “It is my belief that the more information parents have, the better our children will do. And the better our children do, the better Brooklyn, New York City and the nation do.”

“I want to congratulate Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz on the publication of the first ever Brooklyn Parent Help Guide,” said New York City Department of Education Chancellor Dennis Walcott. “Like the Department of Education’s Parent Engagement Initiative, it is providing borough specific information for parents. This will also prove to be an invaluable tool for our upcoming borough-wide Parent Training Workshops. The more information parents have the better equipped they are to help their children. And we know children do better in school when they have support at home.”