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    Current school not a good fit for child - transfer to public now or wait to apply next year?

    Two months into the school year, we're realizing that the private school we chose for our daughter is not a good fit. It's not that the school is bad - we have friends who love it - but just that she's not excited to go to school the way she did in preschool.

    Considering how late the private school admissions cycle is already, do we wait it out for this and next school year and apply for a 2nd grade spot next fall or do we transfer her out to a public school for first grade or even sooner?

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    alicroy, I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter is not enjoying school. That must be causing you so much anxiety. Do you think it's just her still getting used to the school or something else? Have you had your parent teacher conference yet and talk about your concerns with her teacher? Without knowing all the details, I would say stick it out the rest of the year and assess the situation next fall to see if anything changes. If not, then go through the admissions process then.

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    If you can find a first grade spot at one of the better public schools, why not do that and save yourself the $20K+ tuition each year? We didn't get into a private school last year but are happy with where we are. Things have a way of working out though I know it's not much consolation for you right now. Good luck!

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    I think it really depends. It may be that no school would be any better for your daughter but perhaps you know details or your gut just tells you that the school will never be a good fit. Preschool is a much different place than any kindergarten or First grade. If it is that you think your daughter would do better in a smaller or more nurturing place, I don't think public school is your answer. I would look at and apply now for smaller private schools. If its simply the philosophy of the currrent school is not a good fit and your daughter thrives in large groups, then I would look into transfering her after the school winter break to public school or even call other privates about openings. You will have much more control over which public school at that time.

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    Thank you all for replying. I've been struggling with this ever since school started so it's nice to hear some voices of reason. I understand school is no longer preschool but there's just something that's off for my daughter. She enjoys the activities and what she's doing during the day but at the same time says she doesn't want to go to school frequently enough. It may be the structure or it may be something else. I'm just having a tough time figuring out what to do and really want to make sure she's in an environment that she'll love and thrive in.

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