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    PS 9, PS 11 and PS 20

    We are zoned for PS 11 in Clinton Hill, but are interested in PS 9 (PH) as well as PS 20 (FG). Can anyone give me a sense of the schools- are your kids there or what are your thoughts about them...and how are the G and T programs at PS 9 and PS 20?

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    I don't think PS 20 has a DOE G&T program. I know they were supposed to become a citywide G&T but lost that opportunity a few years ago after issues with the previous principal and believe the district 13 G&T schools are 9, 3 and another one in Park Slope (282 or 252 don't remember the number)

    We liked PS 11. My daughter went their for pre-k last year and she did class trips and learned a lot about dinosaurs for the curriculum showcase they do in the spring. She had art, science and gym classes also. The PTA has a great after school program where the kids can do yoga, soccer, piano, guitar, dance, etc. She was very happy there.

    We are at 9 now for G&T. My daughter scored high enough for the citywide G&T but we didn't want to go to far from home (and they didn't even have enough seats for 99's so its not like she would have had a seat). When we toured 9 in the spring we loved it and very excited to get a seat. Its only been a couple weeks but her teacher is great and she is happy. The PTA also has enrichment classes after school like lanuage, dance, chess, guitar. There is also an afterschool program that is great for working parents (lasts till 6p) and another group does one there too think its Kids Orbit.

    We initially weren't to pushed about the G&T (didn't really even prep her) but then realized down the road when she is older she would need more of a challenge and by then the seats are harder to fill so we did the change of schools now when we actually could.

    the best idea would be tour them all!

    PS 9 does have a website with some info

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