From Washington Examiner by Lisa Gartner:
D.C. Public Schools introduced a pilot program in the fall that allows teachers rated "highly effective" on their Impact evaluations for the past two years to skip three of their five classroom observations if they perform well on the first two, The Washington Examiner first reported. Teachers and other educators are scored on a scale of 1 to 4, or "ineffective" to "highly effective," during each classroom evaluation.

Of the 225 teachers who qualified -- receiving an average of 3.5 or higher on their first two observations this year -- 221 decided to forego the rest of their observations. Only one declined the opportunity, and three did not respond to the school system's offer.

Melissa Salmanowitz, a spokeswoman for Chancellor Kaya Henderson, told The Examiner that DCPS is planning to continue the pilot program.

"We are certainly planning to continue recognizing our best teachers through policies like this," said Salmanowitz, adding that the system is "currently in the process

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