From N.Y. Daily News by Joseph Straw:
The country's top educator doubled down Friday on Mayor Bloomberg's push for merit-based school pay, saying the sky's the limit for the best teachers.

Asked on MSNBC's Morning Joe about Hizzoner's plan to give highly-rated teachers $20,000 raises, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said teacher pay should start high and balloon for top performers.

"A starting teacher should make 60 (thousand dollars), $65,000. I think a great teacher should be able to make 130 (thousand dollars), 140 (thousand dollars), $150,000 -- pick a number," Duncan said.

"We have beaten down educators. We have to elevate the profession. We have to strengthen the profession. We have to reward excellence," Duncan said.

The incentives are critical "when great teachers are taking on tough assignments in inner-city schools, in rural and remote areas and in areas of critical need like math and science," Duncan added.

The lowest starting salary in the city's public schools is $45,530. The highest paid teacher after 22 years on the job makes $100,049.

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