From Washington Post by Jay Mathews:
Strangers often ask me how to pick a good school. They are transferring into the area or moving from one local neighborhood with struggling schools to a place they hope will be better. Choosing a school is often as much about taste as judgment (see item 9 below). Here is a list of what a parent can do to get the best sense of the differences among the various places they might send their children.

1. Attend a schoolís PTA meeting before you enroll.
2. Talk to the principal.
3. Observe a class.
4. Experience the school corridors and the neighborhood.
5. Donít worry if you hear that a middle school has problems.
6. Research Web sites and blogs for parents in your new neighborhood.
7. Donít put too much weight on demographics.
8. Check the local high school ratings on The Washington Post High School Challenge at
9. Trust your instincts.

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