You have received your Offer Letter: What to do now

If there was more demand than seats available at your requested schools, the appropriate tie-breaker process was utilized. See the SFUSD Enrollment Guide for a description of the tie-breaker process. If placement could not be offered at your requested school(s), placement was offered to the middle school feeder school, if applicable or if space was available, or to the school closest to home with openings.

After this initial offer, you have the opportunity to participate in any of the other placement periods to receive a higher choice school throughout the enrollment cycle.

We recommend that you register to secure enrollment at the school site by April 13th. If you accept a placement offer, you can still choose to seek a higher choice school during the May Placement Period. If you do not register, the placement will be cancelled and the seat will be made available to other students.

You will keep your initial assignment, if you have registered at the school, until a higher choice school can be offered. Registering at the school will not disadvantage you in the placement process. There is no priority for students who do not register at a school.

Amended Choices for May Placement Period

If you would like to participate in the May Placement Period, you must submit an Amended Choice Form by April 13th listing any number of more preferred schools than your initial offer for the May Placement Period.

Offers for the May Placement Period will be mailed out on May 11th. You will be notified if an assignment can be offered to one of your amended choices. There will also be a final waiting pool process in August where parents may submit a request for ONE SCHOOL as openings become available prior to the first two weeks of schools’ opening. Parents must submit a choice form for every placement period in which they would like to participate.

March Placement Options Workshops

To receive more information about the post March Placement Options, please attend one of the following workshops:
  • Thursday, March 22, 6-8 pm – Mission High School, 3750-18th St., 94114
  • Saturday, March 24, 9-11 am – 555 Franklin St., 94102