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    Statistics on SFUSD March 2012 Student Assignment Offers

    From SFUSD:

    SFUSD has mailed 13,919 families school assignment offers for the upcoming school year.

    Overall, 80 percent of applicants (11,139) received one of their choices. Eighty-four percent of kindergarten applicants received one of the schools they chose; 56 percent received their first choice school.

    Students applying for 6th grade or 9th grade were more likely to receive their first choice school, with 70 percent of 6th grade applicants and 73 percent of 9th grade applicants getting into their top choice and 85 percent getting into one of the schools they chose.

    After families receive this initial offer, they have the opportunity to participate in any of the other placement periods to receive a higher choice school throughout the enrollment cycle.

    The district recommends that families register to secure enrollment at the school site they were offered by April 13. Even after accepting a placement offer, families can still choose to seek a higher choice school during the May placement period. If families donít register by April 13, their placement will be cancelled and the seat will be made available to other students.

    Highlights of March 16 Assignment Run

    • 4,799 kindergarten applications compared to 4,931 last year. This year the Stateís eligibility age for Kindergarten moved back a month from a December 1 cut off to a November 1 cut off, impacting an estimated 400 applicants and resulting in fewer applicants who were eligible to begin traditional Kindergarten. Factoring in this change, the upward trend of applicants for Kindergarten has continued.
    • 3,252 6th grade applications compared to 3,131 last year. This shows a slight increase of 121 applications for 6th grade.
    • 4,188 9th grade applications compared to 4,603 last year. This is consistent with the predicted decrease in high school enrollment.
    • K-12 Overall 13,919 applications received compared to 14,347 last year.

    Overall (K-12), 80% of applicants (11,139) received one of their choices, compared to 78% last year (11,233)
    • 84% of kindergarten applicants (4,051) compared to 81% last year (4,000)
    • 85% of 6th grade applicants (2,774) compared to 86% last year (2,708)
    • 86% of 9th grade applicants (3,601) compared to 86% last year (3,622)
    Overall (K-12), 60% of applicants (8,395) received their first choice, compared to 58% last year (8,290)
    • 56% of kindergarten applicants (2,668) compared to 57% last year (2,816)
    • 70% of 6th grade applicants (2,269) compared to 72% last year (2,254)
    • 73% of 9th grade applicants (3040) compared to 63% last year (2,684)
    Overall (K-12), 20% of applicants (2,780) did not receive one of their choices, compared to 22% last year (3,114)
    • 16% of kindergarten applicants (748) compared to 19% last year (931)
    • 15% of 6th grade applicants (478) compared to 14% last year (423)
    • 14% of 9th grade applicants (587) compared to 14% last year (587)

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    Most Requested Schools by Kindergarten Level

    Most Requested: Kindergarten
    1. Clarendon
    2. Rooftop
    3. West Portal
    4. Lawton
    5. Grattan
    6. Claire Lillienthal
    7. Alice Fong Yu
    8. Sunset
    9. Miraloma
    10. Jefferson
    11. Feinstein
    12. Sherman
    13. Clarendon JBBP
    14. Alamo
    15. Argonne
    Name:  2012KApps.gif
Views: 1838
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    Most Requested Schools by Sixth Grade Level

    Most Requested: Sixth Grade
    1. Giannini
    2. Presidio
    3. Aptos
    4. Hoover
    5. Roosevelt
    Name:  2012SixthApps.gif
Views: 1696
Size:  14.1 KB

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    Most Requested Schools by Ninth Grade Level

    Most Requested: 9th Grade
    1. Lincoln
    2. Washington
    3. Balboa
    4. Lowell
    5. Galileo
    Name:  2012NinthApps.gif
Views: 1722
Size:  14.1 KB

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    Any stats on students entering in 7th grade?

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    SFUSD releases more data on the 2012-2013 Student Assignment Lottery

    The attached document shows how many first, second, third (and so on) choices each school received per grade level:

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    Thanks for posting this!

    Doesn't look like there's any information on open spots or # of applicants per seat...Really curious to know what the 7th grade stats are.

    Thanks again, though!!!

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