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    We're new here...please help!


    Our son will be entering SFUSD this Fall. He'll be in 7th grade. He didn't get into any of our preferred schools. The school he did get assigned to isn't a possibility (very far away and very poorly ranked). We are looking into private schools but we're broke.

    We're new here and we have some questions. ANYTHING you can offer is appreciated.

    1. Our notice said there were no spots available at any of our preferred schools. Does that mean that a drawing/lottery didn't even take place? Is this because he's entering in 7th grade?

    2. How do the next rounds work anyway? If he didn't get in to any of our listed schools, is there any chance he will the next time around?

    3. Does anybody have any pointers or suggestions? I've read some stats that suggest most students get into at least one of their listed schools, but on this message board I'm seeing a lot of zeroes. Do we have a chance of getting him into a good school (Giannini, Lilienthal, Presidio, Lawton etc.)?

    4. Any stats available on entering in 7th grade? Also, any info on the August waiting pool period?

    Any info to help clarify would be very helpful. Any suggestions are appreciated too!

    Thanks so much!

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    Hi SF_Newbie, welcome! I'm just another parent but will try to answer your questions the best I can:

    1. 7th grade isn't the natural entry point for students in SFUSD. 6th grade is because most elementary schools go from K-5. A lottery still happens but that's dependent on openings at the schools you chose.

    2. You should certainly try in the next rounds since you just need one spot, which could happen as a result of somebody moving.

    3. I would actually go down to the EPC office and meet with them directly on which schools have spots. I remember somebody saying there are spots at James Lick MS for 7th grade. Here it is:

    James Lick MS in Noe Valley has 30 openings for 7th grade. Our 6th grade class is 21:1 in core classes and 7th/8th grade 25:1 due to a QEIA grant for the next few years. So every year we need to get the word out that we have openings for 7th grade and sometimes 8th grade.

    4. SFUSD usually disclose stats only for the natural entry points: K, 6th and 9th.

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    Thanks, merenaka!

    We have expanded our preferences to include Lick and will try again in the next round. We've heard from a few friends to keep moving forward, things tend to open up, though 7th grade does appear to be a more difficult scenario.

    We've also contacted a few private schools about late admissions, and there are some possibilities there too, though financial aid will be hard to get.

    We're gonna talk with the folks at EPC soon.

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond!

    Anybody else have 7th grade people entering?

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