From by Amy Zimmer:
A group of Upper East Side parents with their hearts set on sending their kindergartners to the prestigious P.S. 290 were angered to learn their kids were on a waitlist of 42 students even after the Department of Education shrunk the school's area to deal with this very problem.

P.S. 290, which has become notorious for its waitlist in recent years, saw its zone trimmed during the previous school year, but still had a waitlist of 64 students as of June, with 164 zoned students vying for 100 seats. The DOE then trimmed roughly eight blocks from the zone for the school, at 311 E. 82nd St. between First and Second avenues, this school year in an effort to shrink its waitlist further.

"We were confident based on this rezoning, that we didn't need a backup plan," said a father, who received a letter on Friday informing him that his son was waitlisted. "We're outraged. We thought this would be taken care of."

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