Brainy Academy is a brand new after-school program that just opened up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, offering Montessori classes, Lego and robotics classes, and tutoring for all grades.

Finding tutoring in New York that actually works for your child can be difficult. At Brooklyn's Brainy Academy the teachers have tremendous experience working with children of different ages. The classes are either very small or one-on-one and the curriculum is customized to the needs of your child. At Brainy Academy, they understand that not all children learn the same way, so they use a different approach with each and every child. The math tutor or reading tutor will evaluate your child as they come in through various methods before they put them on any set curriculum.

Brooklyn Montessori classes are also available at Brainy Academy. Their Montessori classroom is set up in a traditional style. Everything is brand new and the classes are small and range in ages, so that younger children can receive the type of attention they need, and older children can be challenged with new materials.

The space is also used for birthday parties in Brooklyn on the weekends. The parties are Lego themed, so they are educational, but so much fun for children! Children play games, have competitions, put together Lego sets, and win prizes.

If you live in Brooklyn and need Montessori classes, or tutoring for your child, check out Brainy Academy.