From Washington Post by Bill Turque:
Chancellor Kaya Henderson, nearing the end of her first full school year as leader of DCPS, is committing the school system to a series of academic goals she hopes to reach by 2017:

--Seventy percent proficiency in reading and math test scores, with a doubling of the number of students at advanced levels.

--A forty percentage point increase in proficiency at the 40 lowest-performing schools.

--A four-year high school graduation rate of 75 percent.

--90 percent of students saying that they like their schools

--Increased enrollment over the next five years.

Some of the targets will be tougher to hit than others.

Math and reading proficiency on the DC CAS sit at about 43 percent. The test will be replaced in 2015 by a new assessment aligned to the Common Core standards now being adopted in phases. Scores tend to go down on new assessments before they go up.

The current four-year graduation rate, newly recalculated under a more rigorous formula, is 58.6 percent.

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