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    Son tested in 99% - applying to Anderson and NEST

    I'm new to the whole NYC public school system. My son tested in the 99% and I am applying to NEST and Anderson. I am applying for 1st grade. I know the chance of getting him in is slim, but can anyone quantify it for me?

    Also, when do people typically find out about their placements? The G&T program said end of May, but some people I spoke to said it would be the 2nd or 3rd week of June before you find out.

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    For NEST, the class size goes from 25 per class in K to 27-28 per class in first grade. With four classes, that means there are roughly 8-12 first grade spots before attrition available to sibs and non-sibs.

    As far as notifications, I would imagine beginning of June. This year's timeline seems to be a couple weeks earlier than last year. Last year the notifications went out in the third week of June I believe.

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    Last year at the Nest tour, rising first grade parents with 99s in hand were told that there was not a single seat available for first and that they shouldn't even bother with the tour.
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