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    2012 Admissions Statistics Released for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

    From Washington Post by Emma Brown:
    The percentage of Asian students and boys admitted to Fairfax’s Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology rose this year, while the proportion of white students and girls fell, according to a demographic outline of the Class of 2016 released last week.

    The elite magnet school opened its doors to 480 students out of more than 3,400 applicants in a selection process involving a standardized test, teacher recommendations, math and science grades and other measures.

    About two-thirds of the incoming class is Asian, while about one-fourth is white. That’s a dramatic shift from five years ago, when white students made up more than half of TJ’s freshmen.

    Meanwhile, the proportion of Latino, black and poor students admitted to TJ — all groups that have traditionally been underrepresented at the school — did not change appreciably.

    The Class of 2016 includes seven black students and 13 Latinos — a total of 4 percent of all admitted students. (The two groups comprise 32 percent of students countywide.)

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    Comparison of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) Admissions Statistics for 2012 vs 2011

    Below is a table comparing the 2012 data to 2011 data:


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