Did you know that research shows, on average, when couples have their first child they lose about two-thirds of the alone time that they had before? The third that’s left, well, a lot of it is spent talking about the child.

So, if you do the math, there’s not a lot of time devoted to your relationship. But, Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC, Parent Advocate & mom is giving parents the tools to model a healthy and happy relationship. Rhona is also the founder of the Parent Alliance®

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All this week, SuperMommyNot.com will be featuring the series, “Can We Talk?” to give moms and dads a new way to reconnect and focus on their relationships.

Day one, we focus on reconnecting with the person you fell in love with. Later on in the week we will talk about date night, in-laws, how to connect via conflict and much more!