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    Qualifying Scores to Qualify for Hunter College High School Exam

    do you know the cut off for eligibility scores - grade 5 ELA and Math - to sit for the Hunter exam?

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    The qualifying scores on the 5th grade NY State-wide tests for the Hunter Entrance Exam in 2012 were 689 in ELA and 722 in Math.

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    Cool 2014 Hunter College High School Entrance Exam

    What are the cut-off scores for the ELA & Math?

    For those taking the January 2014 Hunter Entrance Exam:

    The qualifying cutoff score for the 2014 Hunter Entrance Exam is 343 in math and a 346 in ELA. That means that your current 6th grader can take the test if he or she scored a 343 or higher in math and a 346 or higher in ELA when he or she took the test in April of 2013 (last school year, in the 5th Grade). No exceptions to this rule. Don't waste your time calling Hunter and asking to let your kid test if he or she missed it by a couple of points.

    Congratulations for those of you who made it in! Kweller Prep Hunter classes start as early as Sept 21 for those interested.

    source: www.KwellerPrep.com
    1(800) 631-1757

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